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#WeToo, the world’s first global, non-profit organisation to eradicate child abuse, is bringing together leading businesses and high-profile individuals from the private sector to tackle one of the growing and most disturbing issues facing the world.


The movement’s first Yogis Unite to Stop Child Abuse took place on October 12, 2021 in Paris with Ian Szydlowski and Jivamukti Yoga, as part of a series of Yoga Events initiated by Stewart Gilchrist to raise awareness and funds to stop child abuse. Sessions are being held in among other London, Paris, Bali, Copenhagen, Shanghai and New York. Limited spaces are available. In parallel streamed classes are offered by each teacher to an unlimited number of Students.


The classes are free, but #WeToo asks for a minimum of 10 euros donation from attendees to help us raise awareness and funds to finance key projects that will change the situation efficiently and transparently.

Past event

London, Saturday November 20th

11:00 am

With Stewart Gilchrist
​ At Indaba Yoga

Stewart Gilchrist | Stewart is a senior registered yoga teacher known throughout the world for his popular innovative, authentic and dynamic classes. He is also renowned for his good sense of humour, music and taking social action when needed. He and his fellow yogis around the world, teachers and students alike, now take a stance to stop child abuse together with #WeToo.

Indaba Yoga | Indaba believes passionately in the positive benefits of yoga and the great things that can happen when you feel good.

In 2011 Indaba opened the doors to its beautiful space, to bring a more welcoming, positive and non-judgemental attitude to yoga, respecting the ancient traditions but also embracing new styles where appropriate. Committed to maintaining the highest standards of teaching, space and facilities, it aims to provide fun, uplifting, energising and challenging experiences in which anyone, beginner or expert, can share.

Join us for one of the most meaningful and inspiring yoga events of the year on the 20th of November.

Paris, October 12th

At Jivamukti Yoga Paris

With Ian Szydlowski

Copenhagen, October 16th

At Sacha Skott Yoga

With Sacha Skott

Shanghai, October 30th

At YPlus Yoga

With Bharath Basavaraju

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