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The #WeToo team,  Executive Board, Expert Committee and Friends Of Committee are extremely driven and determined to improve the situation for this generation of abused children.


We could not achieve our ambitious global goals without valuable NGO, corporate and artist partnerships from whom we receive funding, free appearances, growth, networking and know how to amplify our reach and impact. 


Our seed sponsors include Concordium Blockchain who use their blockchain technology in smart contracts to increase donation and distribution efficiency and transparency. 1 of the top 4 accountancy firms provide invaluable governance and compliance framework and Geneva's topnotch legals help with philanthropy advisory. We have generous Swiss and British hosts who provide for our team members who work incessantly around the world and yet others ensure we always capture the best moments and audiences. Key partners to be announced shortly.

We continue to need new partnerships to fund and assist us with the organisation of the 4 mega telethon fundraising concerts, starting in Paris November 2021.  We are delighted to hear from any responsible partner who feel they can add value to our movement, perhaps in ways we have not even thought of yet.

Please contact us to discuss how your company can help to stop child abuse.


It may be that your employees are willing to donate one hour to the #WeToo movement or that you care so passionately about one issue that you want to target your support to a specific child protection project. The options and levels of involvement are multiple and open for brainstorming along with how #WeToo can express our gratitude for your contributions.  It makes a very important difference that you join our global efforts to stop child abuse.

Contact us to donate:

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