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EUROPE 1 05/31/22


ELLE 05/31/22
Abuse, incest: Emmanuel Macron called to better protect child victims

SUD OUEST 05/31/22

BFMTV 05/31/22

Parental Alienation Syndrome, the pseudo-theory that protects abusive fathers
Forged in the 1980s without scientific evidence, the concept of parental alienation syndrome is used by some fathers in court to conceal the violence they committed against their children and partner. Deciphering of a dangerous phenomenon.

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"MEDIAPART" 08/04/22
On Friday 8 April, four associations specialised in child protection and fighting against sexual abuse sent a request to the National Medical Council and the General Prosecutor's Office of the Court of Appeal of Versailles. CDP-Enfance, the Feminist Collective against Rape (CFCV), Innocence in Danger and REPPEA (Network of professionals for the protection of children and adolescents) are asking the Medical Council "to note the ethical breaches [of Dr. Paul Bensussan] during expert assessments carried out and to draw all the disciplinary consequences that are necessary". These associations also demand that the psychiatrist will not be reinstated by the Versailles Court of Appeal on the list of experts who can "be appointed as an Expert in cases of violence against minors". Durand


"TELEMATIN" 17/02/22
Visuals from the #WeToo campaign on TELEMATIN 
"We must believe the child who reveals violence" Judge Édouard Durand

Panorama of the scandalous institutional process of transfert of custody away from the protective parent in case of violence.


MEDIAPART 24/01/22
Article by #WeToo and #NousToutes in collaboration with child protection professionals

Victims of sexual child abuse suffer from a denial of protection due to the increasingly frequent use, particularly in the French judicial system, of an anti-victim discourse using the concept of "parental alienation syndrome". Numerous personalities ask that "The Parliament act on the need for protectionn".

ARTE 28 Minutes 05/01/2022

Relevant debate on ARTE 28 minutes about how to best tackle the urgent issue of high intra family violence, incest included.

BFM avec RMC 23/12/2021
A judicial hearing has been opened to recognise "forced suicide" as a crime, the first of its kind in France.

There is a delay in recognizing that intra familial violence is violence against children as well in France. Thousands of children are affected each year. There are now signs of hope thanks to the excellent efforts of Yael Mellul, who is assisting Fadila to recognise the crime «  assisted suicide » of her sister. A judicial hearing has been opened, the first of its kind in France.


LE PARISIEN 19/12/2021
Pedocriminality and incest: call from #WeToo for a mobilization in France

The founder of #WeToo believes that in France, "there is a delay in addressing the situation". How to explain it? She attributes it to three "historical" factors: "the delay in the development of gender equality", "the liberation of morals in the 1970s and 1980s which allowed intellectuals to justify paedophilia in public", and "the Outreau affair" where during his hearing before the parliamentary commission of inquiry, " Dr Paul Bensussan delivered a long plea against the word of the child.


Capture le parisien.PNG

CNEWS 18/12/2021
Pedocriminality and incest: call from #WeToo for a mobilization in France


As incest and pedocriminal cases are increasingly publicized, the #WeToo organization will hold a "crisis meeting" at the National Assembly on January 11, 2022 to mobilize public authorities.

BFMTV 18/12/2021
Pedocriminality and incest: call from #WeToo for a mobilization in France

The #WeToo organisation, fighting against child abuse, is organising a "crisis meeting" at the French National Assembly on January 11th, in order to mobilise the various actors concerned, its founder, Hanna Dam-Stokholm, told AFP on Saturday.


L'HUMANITÉ 17/12/202
Pornography : Children a taboo?

Psychoanalist and author of "Mal Aimées" , Caroline Bréhat and pedopsychiatist and psychiatric expert at the Appeals Court of Versailles, Jean Marc Ben Kemoun analyse the concerning rise in pedopornography and the seemingly current incapacity to tame the situation in France.

Capture wetoo.PNG


In January 2021, the French Deputy Bruno Questel broke the habitual silence of political leaders by speaking about the sexual violence he suffered as a child. In the interview with #WeToo, he discusses the role of parliamentarians when it comes to tackling the child abuse crisis, as well as the need for a cultural change. #WeToo sincerely thank M Bruno Questel for his courage and support.

FRANCE 2 20/11/2021

France 2 interviews #WeToo’s Founder Hanna Dam-Stokholm on her impression of the biggest Parisian demonstration ever against violence. 

On the International Children’s Day, 50 000 men and women walked the streets of Paris to stop violence against women, boys and girls. It was a beautiful, united and strong movement which will continue to gather force till political, judicial and cultural action is taken to better protect victims of violence and sexual aggression. #WeToo carried the children’s voice in the parade together with all the other children NGOs, Andrea Bescond, Camille Kouchner, Lyes Louffok….


" 欧洲时报" WeChat Media Group interviews #WeToo’s Chris Wang on why there is a demonstration in connection with the first conference held at the Incest Commission on the 17th of November. The demonstration took place to protest against the ignorance of incest and sexual abuse in France. The big issue is why so many children are neglected when they are subjected to sexual abuse in France? Nous Toutes,  #WeToo and several other Children NGOs organised the event.


Causette 15/11/21
Protective Mothers Manifesto against "Parental Alienation Syndrome"

In October, the Incest Commission came out with a report exposing a systemic denial of Incest, often ending with the protective parent loosing custody in France. Causette covers the fight of the protective parents as they break the silence.


Open Letter 12/11/21
Who benefits from the revelations of the crime of incest ?

Open letter from mothers of children who have disclosed paternal #incest and lost custody to Mr. Edouard DURAND, President of the Incest Commission, to Mr. Adrien TAQUET, Secretary of State in charge of family affairs and child protection, to Mr. Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic.

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TF1 QUOTIDIEN 03/11/21
"Child protection doesn't wait"

After the shock wave caused by the book "La familia grande" by Camille Kouchner and the wave of "Me Too Incest", the government decided to set up an independent commission on incest and sexual aggression towards children. Edouard Durand, Children's Judge at the Bobigny Court and co-chair of the commission, has just submitted a report outlining his first recommendations. He shares the details of the report on the TV programme  'Quotidien' on TF1.

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MARIANNE 04/11/21
"A flagrant disqualification of the children's word"

Several child psychiatrists, psychiatrists and lawyers reacted negatively to an article published on the website of "Marianne" by Delphine Provence and Paul Bensussan, respectively lawyer and psychiatrist, who reiterated the theory 'parental alienation syndrome' and wrote that "taking the child's word seriously should not be synonymous with taking it literally".


MEDIAPART 05/11/21
Dr Paul Bensussan at the Outreau Trial:
a ghostly imposture? Judge for yourself!

When the media reported from the hearings during the Outreau trial held in Rennes between May 18 and June 5, 2015, we note a persisting presence of fiction during the Outreau trial because the civil party was not interviewed, nor the authors of the contradictive versions in the books: "Outreau la vérité abusée" as early as 2009, and "Je suis debout" (I am standing) in 2011.

logo media.PNG

New Film By Innocence En Danger

1 in 5 is the number of child victims of sexual violence in France. Here is an alarming documentary on pedocriminality, directed by Karl Zéro, which looks back on the libertarian climate of pedo-criminal behaviour of the 1960s, which has created almost total impunity for these crimes up untill today. To see and share massively, so that fear finally changes sides.


We invite you to sign the following petition. It proposes 4 solutions to protect children who are victims of domestic violence.

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