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Paris, Saturday November 20th

2 PM 

On Saturday 20 November, #WeToo was co-organising with Nous Toutes a march against child abuse, as part of a dedicated march within the Nous Toutes collective. 

Nous Toutes was organising demonstrations throughout France with the aim of raising awareness about sexual violence in general, of which many children are also the unfortunate victims.


#WeToo Stop Child Abuse was part of the procession dedicated to eradicating child abuse, which was  joined by many other associations such as Protéger l'Enfant, Innocence en Danger, Prévenir et Protéger, Association Carl, personalities such as Andréa Bescond, Valérie Boyer, and many others.


On the International Day of Children's Rights, it is essential to defend their rights and to remind adults what many children endure. 

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