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A silenced childhood with abuse often leads to a troubled life. Stopping maltreatment of children is the organization for a more equal, safe, healthy, productive, and happy society for all of us, regardless of gender, color, age and religion.

#WeToo is a non for profit organization and the first perpetual global response to the disquieting high and rising rates of child abuse.

#WeToo has called on leading figures from the private sector around the world to come together to raise awareness and funds to battle the unacceptable chilling number of abused children (physical, sexual, psychological and neglect) in so-called civilized countries that have adopted no. 5 and 16 of the UN SDGs.


#WeToo already has an exciting agenda of forthcoming events, campaigns, alliances, concerts, and happenings. To follow under "#WeToo Events".

Some of the world's most influential companies and individuals have also joined the #WeToo Movement by spreading awareness and donating their know-how and funds to enable the demanding organization of events and concerts around the world. Go to our Partner Section to learn how you can become an official partner.

We are calling on everyone to help us to make child abuse truly unacceptable starting now to the benefit of this generation. Delayed help is denied help. Go to our Join Us page to learn how you can make a difference, every penny and gesture counts.  

Nelson Mandela said so well that "it always seems impossible until it's done".


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