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to stop child abuse
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Current Action

Petition: Child Abuse : Stop parental alienation syndrome!




Save the 147,000 children who are sexually abused, and denied protection each year in France.


In September / October 2022


Hanna Dam-Stokholm

The #WeToo movement was born out of a determination to improve child protection worldwide.


Discover the testimony of

Hanna Dam-Stokholm, Founder

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UNICEF estimates that 55 million, or one in five children, in Europe and 1 billion children, or one in two worldwide, are victims of abuse every year even though more legislation is in place than ever to protect them. Post-Covid, the rates of child trafficking, domestic abuse and other child abuse are rising. Children's rights are being denied and overlooked in dysfunctional systems due to lack of will and ability to enforce the law.


In Europe alone, an estimated $581 billion is spent each year trying to repair the psychological consequences that result from the traumatic consequences of abuse, including drug addiction and crime. A similar amount is spent on prosecuting and managing the criminals in the justice system.


Then add the hidden and unspeakable sorrow each individual suffers from having their innocence, sense of security, love and voice taken away with child abuse. It is a life sentence which is unacceptable. 

It would be a smarter investment to enter early and stop child abuse by enforcing the laws in place and activating solutions to change things quickly.

#WeToo will raise awareness and funds, distribute effectively and campaign for urgent action.


Join us to change lives.


Stop child abuse

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#WeToo is committed to stopping child abuse (psychological, physical, sexual and neglect). This space is created for victims and survivors as well as professionals and protected individuals who have experienced or witnessed child abuse being denied or overlooked. By sharing your story, you are helping expose child abuse and identifying the barriers to effective child protection and treatment.



 By clicking on send I give my consent for my story to be shared on this website*

*Organisation covers any business, government, religious or military workplace/institution *By posting your testimony & ticking you agree to our Privacy Policy - You also agree to the conditions of anonymity of yourself and all persons mentioned - this pertains also to not copying testimonies on the site with the intention of reposting elsewhere where previously anonymous details may be revealed. - Please submit responsibly: this is an anonymous outlet only and #WETOO does not condone the naming of any involved. #WETOO is not a substitute for a legitimate form of reporting, through an institution or via the police.

Read Testimonies

"My sister is working so hard with her homework and Daddy is going like this..." (Girl shows how her father smacks her sister hard on the side of the head and screams imitating her father) " "THIS IS NOT GOOD.....ARE YOU JOKING....YOU ARE SO STUPID...STUPIIIID....

 "She (step mum) calms Daddy down, she helps my sister.....sometimes when she is really angry she also hits, but, not as hard"

The girl was ordered to live with an abusive father and partner by the Family Courts despite multiple safeguarding concerns of abuse

France 2020

"My experiences of being neglected as a child are with me every day. No one was there most of the time and, even when they were there, they weren't properly there as they were out of it. It was just hell.

Mum wouldn't even notice whether I had or hadn't gone to school as she was always upstairs smashed out of her face. I wanted to go to school as I didn't want a life like my parents. I had tried to speak to schools but they thought that because I was a good kid there wasn't really that much going on.

"I was often left by myself and I felt so lonely. I even felt lonely when mum and dad were in the house because they just weren't there, like mentally they were completely out of it."

"I often felt low and one of my lowest points was when I tried to go and speak to my mum and dad about their drug use. They denied it all and just kept yelling and yelling, so I left. I didn't know what I was going to do, it was like everyone hated me and thought I was lying and I felt that I was completely alone."

Girl neglected by professionals and parents

United Kingdom 2021

"I am sad when I am with my father...he hits me when  I am not good and often says to me that if I am doing this he'll smack me in the face"


"I am sad when he hits me, he smacks me in the bottom and that makes me scared"

"For instance, if I drop a glass of water by accident Daddy smacks me in the face.

One time he hit me with his shoes because I scratched his car".

"I am scared without knowing why, my daddy and my step mum scream a lot and hit...."

Abused boy not being protected despite multiple safeguarding concerns

France 2020

"I am living with my mum and visit my dad once a month, but, he hits, pushes and touches me......I recall one day where he threw scissors at us, but, it did not hit us. All my friends who are aware of the situation tell me to talk to my mum or teacher. But it's extremely difficult and I do not want to be the one who is beaten and whose dad touches her."

Abused girl not getting the protection and support she needs as her surroundings are not filing safeguarding concerns.

Denmark 2021

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