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The money raised will be used to help a maximum of children out of maltreatment quickly. 

#WeToo will run awareness campaigns and award grants, fund pilot and capacity building projects to child expert specialists including universities and NGOs in sizes of USD 100 000, 250 000 and 500 000 and 1 million. The Organization will work collaboratively with state organisations and NGO’s to maximise benefits.

The first call for projects will be issued in November 2021 for evaluation and ranking according to their quality and impact.  Final validation by our child protection expert comittee and executive board will be made soon after.


All donations will be monitored and publically reviewed every 6 months with interim reviews to ensure milestones are achieved on time.

The independant  "light touch" approach will enable the Organization to achieve targeted results and experiences within a short time frame followed by spreading best practice approaches elsewhere. Long term, our strategic uplifting programme will ensure that the initiatives benefit all children across the globe.


We reserve the right to have the #WeToo funds returned if agreed-upon milestones with the beneficiaries are not achieved.


01/11/2022 4pm

You can help save sexually abused children by signing this petition.

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