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The CIASE and CIIVISE reports of October 2021 established that 160,000 children are sexually abused each year in France alone!
It is often said that the truth comes out of a child's mouth. But in a court of law, this truth is not very popular in France. Today the systems are set up to protect the abuser, to ignore pedo-criminality such as sexual abuse. Unfortunately, through this process, child victims are abandoned. Only 8% of child victims who have spoken out are protected, and in the worst cases, they are separated from their protective parent, transferred to reside with the abuser.
Today, caring for these 147,000 forgotten suffering children is a top priority for #WeToo and our first project.
Until now this major issue of child abuse has not been on the agenda of any of the political programmes, nor part of their debates....

At our meeting in January, at the level of prevention, we will develop a culture of child protection and propose new standards of investigation and court procedures that are more child-friendly. This will require investment in education and in the resources of the child protection frontiers, including the police, gendarmerie, social and medical services, and the judiciary system.
The children, 147,000 a year, who have already been denied protection also deserve immediate attention. We know who they are and where they are, because the system has failed them.

It is time for legislators - as well as politicians - to take up this priority, and fight the cause firmly.
It is by working together that we can establish a public policy worthy of the name to achieve a fairer, healthier, safer and happier society for our children.
It would be inhumane not to be touched by these victims in our midst, not to react.
A first progress report will be given at our meeting on September / October 2022.

In France, according to the CIIVISE, 160,000 children are victims of sexual assault, including 22,000
victims of an incestuous father.

Only 8 to 10% of children who have reported are protected. This means that about 147,000 children are not protected each year.

One of the main reasons for this is the use of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). In the 1980s in the United States, this theory, developed by psychiatrist Dr Gardner, stated that children's word should not be believed if they made disclosures of incest or sexual abuse, and assumed that this was probably the result of brainwashing by the protective parent. In the worst case, the protective parent is labelled manipulative and excluded from the children's lives.

The psychiatrist admitted to having paedophile tendencies before committing suicide.

Despite the unscientific and highly critical nature of the author, this theory has gained wide recognition in many countries around the world since the 1990s.

Recently, alarms have been raised in Europe and the United States, and the European Parliament has just recommended to its member countries to stop using this theory.

Spain and Italy have already acted responsibly and officially banned EWS, with Italy's highest court calling it an "unscientific Nazi theory". The first positive results from these countries are already coming in, with Spain reporting a significant improvement in child protection.

Please help us sign the petition to ask the legislator to ban PAS in France as well, so that more child victims of sexual abuse can receive immediate protection.

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